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Advanced Technology

Learn about the additional testing that the eye doctors offer to supplement your eye exam for a more extensive examination. Contact Dr. Justine Fung & Associates, to know more about retinal photography and fundus autofluorescence.

High Resolution Retinal Imaging

Our office offers high resolution retinal photography through a digital imaging system. This test lets us take a picture inside your eye which:

  1. Scans the retina to confirm the diagnosis of a healthy eye and provide baseline imaging.
  2. Allows your optometrist to better detect eye and health conditions - such as diabetes, macular degeneration and melanoma.
  3. Helps the optometrist detect small changes that may occur overtime by comparing images side-by-side throughout the years.

The procedure takes approximately an extra 2 minutes and requires the patient to look into a machine at a camera flash for each eye.
Retinal imaging is recommended for all patients as they allow for our doctors to provide a higher level of care.

Fundus Autofluorescence

We are excited to announce that we now offer a new technology called Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF). FAF can analyze retinal cells located deeper than an optometrist can see with traditional equipment. Many ocular diseases can be diagnosed or the progression can be tracked by using FAF imaging.

By offering this service, our optometrist can provide an elevated level of care. Based on the eye examination, the optometrist may let the patient know if this test is suitable and recommended for them.