contact lenses Mississauga

Contact Lenses in Mississauga

Our eye doctors in Mississauga provide contact lens services for soft and hard lenses to help you find the best lens for your vision, comfort and lifestyle. Contact the optometrists at Dr. Justine Fung & Associates, to know more about their contact lens services.

Contact Lens Services

Contact lens assessments are available for patients with a wide range of needs. Our eye doctors can provide a thorough assessment of the eye to help determine which contact lenses are best suited for the patient and ensure a good contact lens fit to maintain proper vision and ocular health.

First-time contact lens wearers will be taught how to insert and remove their contact lenses safely. Our doctors ensure that the patient is comfortable inserting and removing the contact lenses before sending them home with trial contact lenses to adapt to at home. Our patients are instructed to try the contact lenses for a week before deciding if they are the right lens for them.

Unhappy with your current contact lenses and looking for a change? Our optometrists can help our patients determine the right contact lens for their lifestyle and ensure it fits the eye properly. We provide services for soft contact lenses (including toric and multifocal) and hard lenses (rigid gas permeable).

It is recommended for long-time contact lens wearers to continue to have their eyes examined regularly by an optometrist to monitor the fit of the contacts and check on ocular health.